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Expert medical guidance is quick and easy by mobile device, computer or phone, and can often result in avoided surgery or a less-invasive treatment.

ConsumerMedical collaborates with health plans, employers and a host of partner providers to help participants navigate the ever-complex healthcare system and access care from the highest-quality providers—leading to better health outcomes and lower costs.

The most complete, effective treatment decision support &

expert medical opinion program. We guarantee it.

23 Years


3+ Million

consumers covered

4:1 ROI

(claims-based validation)

Zero Risk




Participants receive the support they need to navigate the complex healthcare system and make medical decisions with confidence.

What it means to have a Medical Ally

To have medical information you can trust, no matter what your question is. To know that of the million+ doctors in the U.S., yours has the right experience and best results for your needs. To have an experienced health professional on your side—someone who understands what you’re going through and helps you navigate the complex healthcare system. So you can focus on getting better.

With more than 23 years of experience, we know that when participants are well-informed and engaged around these five key dimensions, they achieve the highest quality of care and best outcomes.

Confirmation of accurate diagnosis and better understanding of condition


Data-driven approach to finding the best practitioners

Guidance to the
clinical plan

Data-driven approach
to finding the
best facilities

Helping the participant
and loved ones
deal with treatment


    “The staff was extremely helpful”


    “Knowledge is POWER and this program has
    given me the tools to gain this power.”


    “This service made me feel like I had a
    top physician in the family.”


    “I feel less stressed out!” 


    “I was given information that I
    never would have even thought to
    ask about or investigate.”


    “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


    “I don’t feel overwhelmed as I once did.”


    “This is an exceptional program and has
    provided me a safe port in the storm.”


    “I’m rapidly on my way to
    living a more pain free life.”


    “I felt as if…she cared about me
    as if I were her only patient.”


    “As a result of the knowledge gained,
    I’m much more prepared for the surgery.”


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