California’s Valued Trust Selects ConsumerMedical to Improve its Members’ Healthcare Outcomes and Reduce Costs

ConsumerMedical provides top quality service, improved medical outcomes, and proven ROI, alongside a host of other integrated support services

Pembroke, Mass. (July 10, 2018) – ConsumerMedical, a leading clinical advocacy, decision support, and expert second opinion company, has announced that California’s Valued Trust (CVT) has selected ConsumerMedical to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs for its 162,000 members. Established over 20 years ago, ConsumerMedical provides services to mid- and large-sized employers as well as health plans and private exchanges. ConsumerMedical will serve CVT members based on a broad clinical model that emphasizes the 5 Drivers of QUALITY CARE™ (ensuring an accurate diagnosis, getting to an expert doctor, receiving evidence-based treatment at the best hospital, and helping a patient and family better cope throughout the healthcare journey).

“CVT is a member-focused organization,” said Valerie Cornuelle, Executive Director of the California-based CVT. “Our goal is to provide the highest-quality healthcare benefits to our members at the most affordable rates. We selected ConsumerMedical as a partner because of its reputation and proven track record in helping members find the highest quality of care and getting the support members need. We are also looking to ConsumerMedical to help drive costs down through their service offerings and involvement with our members.”

ConsumerMedical Founder and Chief Executive Officer, David Hines, noted, “We know CVT has a reputation of providing high-quality benefits and services to help its districts, chapters and members, and we are excited to be a part of this strategy. Our Medical Ally teams will help CVT members better navigate a complicated and confusing healthcare system by providing them with guidance for any medical condition and getting them to the highest-quality physicians, treatments, and hospitals available to help ensure the best outcome possible for them and their families.”

Independent research has consistently proven the ConsumerMedical model provides employers with an average $4:1 return on investment, and 88% of employees experience better clinical outcomes after using the service. What’s more, 99% of participants are satisfied with the service. In addition to offering clinical decision support and second opinion services, ConsumerMedical recently announced the company now also offers specialized support with behavioral health and oncology needs. And in response to growing demand, the company further offers assistance with claims advocacy to help consumers with medical bills and other issues throughout their entire healthcare journey.

About ConsumerMedical
ConsumerMedical is a leading clinical advocacy, decision support and expert second opinion company serving over 2.5 million individuals through some of the nation’s largest employers, health plans and private exchanges. The company has been serving patients and payers for over 22 years. As a Medical Ally, ConsumerMedical guides participants throughout their healthcare journey with compassionate, high-touch support and deep clinical expertise. ConsumerMedical offers a fully integrated suite of solutions including Medical Decision Support, Surgery Decision Support, Expert Medical Opinion, Claims Advocacy and more, helping individuals and families navigate the healthcare system while improving outcomes and reducing costs. ConsumerMedical’s results have been validated continuously by independent actuaries.

About California’s Valued Trust
Established in 1984, California’s Valued Trust (CVT) remains today as one of California’s largest self-funded public school trusts, specializing in healthcare benefits for the education community. The trust concept is approved by the California’s Teachers Association (CTA) and California School Employees Association (CSEA) and managed by a board of directors with equal representation of management and labor. Headquartered in Fresno, CA, CVT serves more than 238 districts and 162,000 members across the state by providing premier benefit products and innovative healthcare programs. For more information, visit