ConsumerMedical helps The Hartford employees make better healthcare decisions, creating over $500,000 in savings

Employer-Provided Resource Fosters Well-Informed
Healthcare Consumers For Better Outcomes, Lower Costs

By Judy Gordon | Wellness Director  | The Hartford

Some of the leading drivers of employee absenteeism and lost productivity are disability leaves due to employees’ ongoing management of chronic medical conditions or recovery from procedures. Unfortunately, the U.S. healthcare system is plagued with great variations in the quality and cost of medical care, with patients receiving incorrect diagnoses and inappropriate or unnecessary


About ConsumerMedical
ConsumerMedical is a leading clinical advocacy, decision support and expert second opinion company serving over 2.5 million individuals through some of the nation’s largest employers, health plans and private exchanges. The company has been serving patients and payers for over 22 years. As a Medical Ally, ConsumerMedical guides participants throughout their healthcare journey with compassionate, high-touch support and deep clinical expertise. ConsumerMedical offers a fully integrated suite of solutions including Medical Decision Support, Surgery Decision Support, Expert Medical Opinion, Claims Advocacy and more, helping individuals and families navigate the healthcare system while improving outcomes and reducing costs. ConsumerMedical’s results have been validated continuously by independent actuaries.