ConsumerMedical Launches New Technology Platform Offering Personalized, Efficient and Secure Support for Patients

Pembroke, Mass. (June 13, 2018)

ConsumerMedical, a leading healthcare advocacy, decision support, and expert second opinion provider, just announced the company has unveiled a new ConsumerMedical Ally Platform™ that optimizes and personalizes the support provided to customers and program participants. The new platform provides physician, nurse and concierge team members with a holistic view of a patient’s needs and improves member access and communications options. Established more than 22 years ago, ConsumerMedical is a leading provider of healthcare advocacy, medical decision support, and expert second opinion services to mid- and large-sized employers as well as health plans and private exchanges.

The ConsumerMedical Ally Platform™, built on the ground-breaking technology of Salesforce Health Cloud, includes enhancements for participants like the ability to access educational materials and communicate with their Medical Ally® team via their channel of choice (email, text, online chat, messaging or phone). The new portal facilitates faster online enrollment and also helps participants access customized clinical content. Salesforce Health Cloud helps the Medical Ally team at ConsumerMedical access more comprehensive case information even faster, so they can better assist participants.

“We know from experience that navigating the healthcare system to get the best outcome requires a high-tech, high-touch approach,” says David Hines, Founder and CEO of ConsumerMedical. “Our new and enhanced participant portal will play an important role in supporting secure just-in-time communication, personalized engagement, and access to information on a 24/7 basis.”

For ConsumerMedical’s customers, the ConsumerMedical Ally Platform™ offers better integration with preferred vendor partners for more seamless referrals to other added value services for participants. Built using Salesforce Shield, the new portal also offers additional security protections.

“This is an exciting and important step to enhance and further simplify our participant experience,” says Hines. “Individuals often reach out to us during a very challenging time in their lives. It is important to marry high-touch, person-to-person support with the latest technologies available to make it easy for them to use our service while having an exceptional user experience.”

About ConsumerMedical — ConsumerMedical is a leading healthcare advocacy, decision support and expert second opinion company serving over 2.5 million individuals through some of the nation’s largest employers, health plans and private exchanges. The company has been serving patients and payers for over 22 years. As a Medical Ally, ConsumerMedical guides participants throughout their healthcare journey with compassionate, high-touch support and deep clinical expertise. ConsumerMedical offers a fully integrated suite of solutions including Medical Decision Support, Surgery Decision Support, Expert Medical Opinion, Claims Advocacy and more, helping individuals and families navigate the healthcare system while improving outcomes and reducing costs. ConsumerMedical’s results have been validated continuously by independent actuaries. More information is available at