ConsumerMedical Offers Targeted Outreach and a Dedicated Oncology Team to Cancer Patients When They Need It Most

PEMBROKE, Mass. (January 31, 2017) – ConsumerMedical, a leading health care advocacy, decision support and expert second opinion company, has redefined and enhanced how it engages employees with cancer from initial outreach to support throughout the care journey with the company’s new High Cost Condition Cancer Quality Program. The offering is the first in a series of programs being rolled out to help employers better support their employees who have the highest cost medical conditions.

“Employers want our help supporting their employees as they make important decisions about serious and complex medical conditions like cancer,” explains David Hines, CEO of ConsumerMedical. “And we know quality of care varies widely and employees need our help—cancer is an arduous health care journey.”

ConsumerMedical utilizes a sophisticated set of clinical identification algorithms to proactively identify employees with a cancer diagnosis and those who may be on a path to receiving a cancer diagnosis. The organization is then able to reach out closer to an employee’s time of diagnosis and assist with the big decisions about their treatment options and ongoing care. Employees are provided a dedicated leading oncologist and oncology nurse who provide customized, evidence-based information and guidance, confirm the patient is receiving care from the highest quality physicians and facilities, coordinate second opinion services if needed, and provide overall coping support.

“It is really about making sure people dealing with cancer get the right diagnosis, the right treatment, the right doctor at the right hospital and the right support services,” explains Hines.

High-cost conditions overall generally account for a disproportionate share of medical expenses for an employer. In late 2016 the Health Care Policy Institute shared new data showing that on average, one to two percent of employees account for 30% of costs. Cancer is one of the costliest medical conditions, and the stress of cancer has lasting implications as well, as a recent study shows about one-third of cancer patients have their mental health suffer as a result of their disease as well.

The High Cost Condition Cancer Quality Program is now available to any mid- or large-sized employer working with ConsumerMedical. One large, well known manufacturing company has already been offering the service to its employees on a pilot basis for the past year, and is reporting favorable feedback.

ConsumerMedical plans to expand the program to additional high-cost conditions later in 2018.

“We are getting very positive feedback from patients. A cancer diagnosis is scary and life changing, and employees and their families need all the support they can get. And employers know giving them this support is absolutely the right thing to do.”

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