Our Solutions

ConsumerMedical guides participants and their loved ones in making informed medical care and treatment decisions using evidence-based research, compassion and deep clinical expertise.

Our core services include unlimited Medical Decision Support ® for any condition, Surgery Decision Support ® for common high-cost elective procedures (hip, knee, low back, hysterectomy, weight loss), and Expert Medical Opinions from elite physicians with in-network matching to the highest-quality local specialists for treatment.

Our program options:

Ally TotalSupport  SM

Comprehensive guidance throughout
the entire healthcare journey

Our most impactful solution integrates medical decision
support, evidence-based clinical information, expert opinions and coping support for individuals and their loved ones.

Ally ExpertOpinion and

Combines Expert Medical Opinion services with
targeted,  incented and proven Surgery Decision Support
to drive better health outcomes.

Ally TotalSupport  SM

When facing complex medical issues or a difficult treatment decision, guidance from a compassionate clinical team breeds confidence and peace of mind. And with ConsumerMedical, our physician-led Medical Ally team can address any healthcare questions at any point in the healthcare journey.

Unlimited Medical Decision Support for any condition

High-touch support for medical and behavioral health
Evidence-based expert guidance and research
Tailored questions to ask the treating physician
Multi-channel access to doctors, nurses and personalized information

Our incentive-driven Surgery Decision Support addresses high-variation, high-cost procedures where two or more medically acceptable options may exist and where patients have choices among treatment options:

Knee replacement
Hip replacement                       
Lower back                                
Weight loss surgery

We help participants understand these common elective procedures, and the less-invasive and lower-cost treatment options to surgery, so that they can make better-informed decisions. This results in significant cost savings:

Over 40% avoided unnecessary surgeries or procedures.
$26,125 per-case savings from avoided surgery.

Expert Medical Opinion services leverage technology and the highest-quality physicians from world-renowned medical institutions. Participants can speak to a physician within 24 hours, and a virtual expert opinion is delivered within 48-72 hours (post-medical records collection) and 24 hours for urgent cases.

Expert second opinion physicians are trained or affiliated with top academic medical institutions and centers of excellence across the U.S., including:

Boston Children’s Hospital
Cleveland Clinic
Massachusetts General
Brigham and Women’s

Memorial Sloan Kettering
City of Hope
Johns Hopkins
UCSF Medical Center

Our turn-key expert opinion solution includes medical records collection and global support with interpreter and translation services.

Once the virtual expert opinion is delivered, we match the participant to the highest-quality local in-network specialist to carry out the treatment plan using our industry-leading physician quality database and algorithm. We also match participants who prefer an in-person expert opinion using this proven methodology based on:

Quality & Outcomes — Analyzes 1.9 million providers and over 12 billion claims data points
Excellence — Optimizes centers of excellence and high-performing networks
Choice — Aligns with the individual’s preferences

Ally ExpertOpinion and SurgeryElect SM

This program combines our Expert Medical Opinion services with our targeted and proven Surgery Decision Support (SDS) to drive better health outcomes and guaranteed savings. Both programs are described above.

Additional Solutions Drive Greater Results

Ranks individuals for outreach based on risk and intervention opportunity.
Partners with company’s health plan to integrate SDS requirement and associated penalty.
Guidance from claims advocates to help resolve insurance and billing issues.
Decision support, expert medical opinion and custom research for cancer patients.